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Welcome To Britannia Piano Auctions!

Here you will find regular informative updates from our team and insights to the piano auctions. Moreover you will gain a wealth of knowledge about different makers and models of pianos and what to look out for when buying and selling with us.

Britannia Piano Auctions main focus is piano and keyboard related instruments, for example, upright and grand pianos, harpsichord, square pianos etc, we don’t focus so much on ‘electric keyboards’ unless the specific item is rare or is accompanied with a particular interesting history of ownership or relevance.

Here at the Britannia Piano Auctions Blog we will guide you on how to take part in the auctions and what the benefits as well as the negatives can be when buying and selling. Ultimately we want to offer you a rewarding outcome.


Peter Wilson

Director –┬áBritannia Piano Auctions


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