Is the thought of bidding at auction daunting?


Bidding At auction is simple and easy

Well, if you have never attended and/or bided at an auction then it most definitely will do. It is that simple fear of the unknown, the hesitation of a situation you don’t know the outcome of.  But don’t worry; you won’t mistakenly place a bid by itching your nose, winking or scratching your head!

There is still a school of thought that auctions are a black art and a complicated process. Some people believe that it can be almost an ‘old boys club’ and ‘outsiders are not welcome’. Such views are very dated and untrue. There are many regular auction goers who will get to know other regular faces, people who are interested in the same pianos will talk about instruments at the auction and share there opinions with each other. It can be almost a social event for some people. However, when it comes to the actual auction the auctioneer treats every bid in the room equally.

If on the day you find the process of bidding yourself too daunting then Britannia Piano Auctions will have bidders available who will talk with you; understand what piano(s) you are interested in and the maximum you are willing to bid up to. At in the auction they will stand with you and do the physical bidding.

For any detailed information of how to purchase a piano at action then remember to check out the ‘selling’ section of the website.

If you have any questions then please drop us an email at:


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