Auction Insight No. 6 A Rare Art-Deco Style Piano

Auction Insight No. 6

Saturday June 28th 2014


Make: Waldberg

Model: N/A

Finish: Polished Mahogany/walnut

SN: 22115

Est: £500 – £1,000



A rare Art-Deco style piano finished in a mahogany case with a tiered cheek design and inlaid walnut banding to the front panel, front rail & front pedal plinth that extends round the instrument’s gables.



The UK central piano auction is this Saturday in Manchester, it is time to be thinking about the piano for you.

If you have any questions about this auction insight or any other please do not hesitate to contact us on:

Tel. 0161 977 0075


An online listing is on the website on the catalogue page. However, our fully illustrated catalogue for the June auction is available to purchase from us by telephone or email and is delivered to your door at a cost of £5.00


The catalogue is also available at each viewing day and on the auction day from reception

Our catalogue is featured online with the sale room:





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