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A Lesser Known Piano Maker of Quality…..

Part of the team  at BPA was on the road over the weekend and an interesting conversation regarding lesser-known makers of the piano world took place.

We have all heard of Steinway, Bechstein, Yamaha, Chappell etc.… but who in todays generation has heard of Ernst Kaps ?

I’m sure that many piano enthusiasts in the autumn of their life have, and possibly played or owned a Kaps piano at some point, but the younger generation if asked would probably draw a blank face.

We Believe this is something todays generation of pianists are missing out on

Kaps was founded in 1858 by Ernst Kaps in Dresden.  A German manufacturer and distributor of pianos who used quality materials to build their instruments. Detail and class can always be seen when looking at a piano built by kaps.

In 1922 Kaps began collaboration with the piano maker Johann Kuhse.

One of the BPA team said:

“Kaps were beautifully built pianos of very high quality, the grand’s always very pleasing to play with a fairly gentle, mellow tone. The uprights especially the ‘Panzer’ system uprights were very fine pianos they rival and often surpass some of the far better known makers”.


Britannia piano auctions: Kaps Upright

This piano (circa 1905) had at some time in its life been ebonized (polished black) and just looked like any other ‘not very interesting’ piano. This is what the instrument looked like after it had been stripped back to its original colour and polished up to how it was originally.

0161 977 0075

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