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Your Piano Room Acoustics

The dimensions and layout of your piano room will undoubtedly have an effect on the overall sound. Have you ever listened to a piano that is too powerful for the room it is in?

Not only can it be deafeningly loud but it will often result in a poor quality of sound. As a rule of thumb larger pianos are built for larger rooms, this is because they possess qualities and characteristics that best present themselves in larger spaces. The mighty sound of a double octave run in the lower end of a concert grand would be lost in a typical houseroom as there is insufficient space for the sound to develop and resonate.



Remember large pianos are designed to move large quantities of air & produce comparably large sound waves. To do this they need to be housed in an appropriate sized room.


What Is The Layout Of Your Room?

The height & shape of the ceiling are important factors to consider, depending on the ceiling the sound that resounds round the room can be different. For example consider speaking loudly in a cathedral and then in a flat ceilinged room, the difference is just as immense when considering a piano in relation to its surroundings. Consider the cladding of the walls whether covered in wood, plaster, thick wallpaper or acoustic tiles.


Lots of glass and shutters in a room can produce a hard & indistinct timbre whereas soft furnishings such as wall tapestries or draperies can be used to soften hard sounds.


One of the most neglected aspects of a room’s acoustics in relation to a piano is the floor. Is it bare wood, varnished, laminate or waxed? Maybe it is carpeted, the choice is myriad. With wooden floors the sound that is produced in the home can be very strong and overpowering, almost too harsh to be enjoyed. This can often be combated by placing a large rug under the piano to soften the sound.


These are some of the most basic factors that you should consider when designing the layout of your music room. However, having done all that is required you may still find the sound does not suit the room or the ears of the listener. This can be due to the quality of the hammers in the piano be they hard or soft.


A recent case in point which comes to mind was a medium size piano that was transported to a residential address. The sound that the instrument produced was so colossal & overpowering in the room that a technician had to be called in to ‘soften the blow’ by tuning, regulating & voicing the instrument.

 To voice an instrument is a very specialised job and can involve either needling a hammers felts to alter its consistency or in extreme cases by doping or ironing the hammers to compact the felt and harden them, there by producing a brighter sound.

However please note that this process is not as simple as it sounds and if you believe your piano is in need of such attention then contact an experienced piano technician as it is a very delicate job


The list can be endless and very expensive if one becomes carried away with the latest trends of sound control. If you consider the above basic factors you will have a perfectly good music cave to hide out in!


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Is the Thought of Bidding at Auction Daunting?

Well, if you have never attended and/or bided at an auction then it most definitely will do. It is that simple fear of the unknown, the hesitation of a situation you don’t know the outcome of. But don’t worry; you won’t mistakenly place a bid by itching your nose,coughing, winking or scratching your head!

Image britannia piano auctions auction bidding manchester london steinway yamaha bechstein crawford conway buy sell best price

A Bidder at Britannia Piano Auctions in Manchester UK

There is still a school of thought that auctions are a black art and a complicated process. Some people believe that it can be almost an ‘old boys club’. Such views are very dated and untrue.

There are many regular auction goers who get to know each others faces, people who are interested in the same pianos will talk about instruments at the auction and share their opinions with each other. It can be almost a social event for some people. However, when it comes to the actual auction the auctioneer treats every bidder in the room equally.

ImageImage britannia piano auctions auction bidding manchester london steinway yamaha bechstein crawford conway buy sell best price

Regular faces working their way round the auction room looking at pianos

If on the day you find the process of bidding yourself too daunting then Britannia Piano Auctions will have bidders available who will talk with you; understand what piano(s) you are interested in and the maximum you are willing to bid up to. In the auction at your request they will stand with you and do the physical bidding.

ImageImage britannia piano auctions auction bidding manchester london steinway yamaha bechstein crawford conway buy sell best price

A bidder making personal notes on the instruments her school was interested in.

For any detailed information of how to purchase a piano at auction then remember to check out the ‘selling’ section of the home website.

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