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Horowitz’s & Beecham … A Flashy Day In History

12th January 1928

Even with the rise of jazz and pop music during the period, the 1920s and 30s was a time when performances of classical music, both live and on radio, drew enormous audiences in the. Of the many composers, conductors and performers who became household names during this era, none made a bigger splash than a young pianist from Kiev named Vladimir Horowitz. From his first U.S. performance on January 12, 1928, Horowitz established a special bond with American audiences—a bond that would make him the best known and most beloved pianist in his adopted country for the next 60 years.

Horowitz was not the primary draw for the concertgoers attending his debut at Carnegie Hall. The headliner that night was Sir Thomas Beecham, acting as guest conductor of the New York Philharmonic, it was his first time in front of the orchestra and his first time on the podium in America. The dynamic Beecham—”crouched like a panther, ready to spring upon a piece of counterpoint the instant that its head projected from its lair”—drew raves in the next morning’s New York Times review. But it was the young Russian pianist playing Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1 who clearly stole the show.

Britannia Piano Auctions: Sir Thomas Beecham

Britannia Piano Auctions: Sir Thomas Beecham

The Times’ Olin Downes was reserved in his assessment of Horowitz’s artistic promise: “Very possibly Mr. Horowitz is a great musician as well as virtuoso….But he has that to prove.” But the critic left little doubt about the impact on the audience of the young man who “caused most of the intermission to be occupied in applauding and cheering him and calling him back to the stage. It has been years since a pianist created such a furor with an audience in this city.”

What that initial review referred to as Horowitz’s “electrical temperament, his capacity for animal excitement” was the basis of harsh critiques that followed Horowitz throughout his career. American critic and composer Virgil Thompson saw Horowitz as an artless panderer, a “master of distortion and exaggeration.” But there could be no denying the effect of Horowitz’s playing both on audiences and on musicians of future generations.

Britannia Piano Auctions:  Horowitz

Britannia Piano Auctions: Horowitz

On the occasion of Horowitz’s death in 1989, the American pianist Emmanuel Ax offered an assessment that was probably shared by the audience in that first American concert 61 years earlier: “He brought the idea of excitement in piano playing to a higher pitch than anyone I’ve ever heard….There was the sense of an unbelievable energy being harnessed, and the feeling that if he ever let it go, it would burn up the hall.”

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Catalogue Now Out

As preparations have been underway over the last few weeks for the September catalogue we have now had it delivered and have been posting to people this week. For the September edition we chose a fairly autumn colour for the front cover and some of the pianos we have in the auction are a first time for ourselves.

Britannia Piano Auctions Manchester September 2014 Catalogue

Our records show that this is the first auction were we have had a Strohmenger Art Deco piano!

Here is the lot card for the Strohmenger instrument:

Britannia Piano Auctions Strohmenger Art Deco Piano

We are looking forward to seeing our regular private & trade faces at the auction next Saturday. If you yourself have never been then make it your first time to enjoy looking round multiple different types of pianos. It is a ‘pianists sweet shop’ with many bargains to take home!

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The June Auction on Saturday 28th

The BPA team had a very busy week last week with the June auction being in the foresight. All the pianos were delivered into the auction rooms and set up by the very reliable Gilberts piano removers who we work closely with at each auction.




 The makes included Steinway, Bechstein, Bluthner, Schimmel, Yamaha, Kawai, Kemble, Chappell, Petrof, Young Chang, Marshall & Rose and many more.

The day was very successful with some very good prices realised on pianos, and some prices that still goes to prove that bargains are obtained in the auction room!

Lot No. 3 was a year 2000 Yamaha C3 with matching duet stool shown here in the middle of the picture. The instrument was in pristine condition and could be considered show room quality. When the hammer fell the piano reached £7,000.00



We caught a photo of Alex Borg on the admin team who was arranging & dealing with paperwork post auction, and as usual looking very smart.


 A run of uprights in the auction rooms; Kemble, Yamaha, Young Chang & Yamaha. A Bluthner can be seen in the far background and the cheek of another piano on the left…do you know what make? ( You can comment below)


It was nice to see new faces in the auction room as well as reliable regular customers who buy at each auction.

The next auction is in September and consignments are already on the way in so keep a keen eye on the website and on our Facebook.



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Throwback Thursday: 5th June

As it is ‘Throwback Thursday’ we look at our last auction that was on 5th April 2014 and take a glance at Lot 19.




Lot19: Yamaha S400B,


This model by Yamaha is a 6ft 3 grand piano, this particular lot was in a black polyester case & raised on square tapered legs. The catalogue estimate was:


£7,000 – £9,000



and the hammer fell at




This piano was in pristine condition and the instrument was still in showroom condition.


It just goes to prove that there are bargains to be found at our auctions.



Will you be with us at the end of the month for the June auction on Saturday 28th ? The auction includes Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Bechstein, Schimmel, Bluthner and many more leading makes…

0161 977 0075


Never been to a piano auction before?


Watch the video on our website homepage to give you an overall insight to what happens at our auctions & how to bid with confidence.


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June Piano Auction: Auction Insight No. 1









Auction Insight No.1: Saturday June 28th 2014


Type: Grand

Model:  A1

Finish: Black polyester

SN: 5399421

Est: £3,000.00 – £5,000.00


A 4ft 11 grand piano finished in a black polyester case and raised on square tapered legs. This model A1 piano is listed at a fantastic opening estimate.



With a month until the UK piano auction in Manchester it is time to be thinking about the piano for you.

If you have any questions about this auction insight or any other please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Tel. 0161 977 0075

An online listing will be on the website two weeks prior to the auction. However, our fully illustrated catalogue for the April auction is available to purchase from us by telephone or email and is delivered to your door at a cost of £5.00





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