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Why is the best way to sell your instrument at our piano auction? How do we gain the current market value…

It is an important question to ask when you’re thinking about selling your piano, why sell at an auction?

Why not try to be successful at selling the instrument privately or sell with a generic online auction website?  What are the costs and then the hidden costs of online websites? And then transaction fees via ‘online security transaction’ methods and their extra costs?

Well first and foremost selling with a piano auction house secures professional advice about your piano, and a specialist market at your fingertips, this maximises the instruments opportunity. We care about pianos and want to obtain the best we can at auction, because the more we can make for you the more we make in our commission.

We have a database of people that are waiting for the auction house to contact them with details about your instrument, the buyers in this database are ready and waiting to purchase pianos.


The team who work at BPA are enthusiastic and passionate about pianos, unlike other generic auction rooms your piano will not be treated as a commodity.

The process of selling at a piano auction is simple, quick and effective. You as a seller do not have to deal with any confrontation from other sellers or buyers, we deal with that side of things for you, and importantly there is not a succession of people entering your home to view the piano.  We will remove the piano immediately and put it into our secure temperature regulated piano storage. This makes the space in your home quickly available again. Shortly after the auction date we will contact you to let you know the results of your Lot.

Pianos are a complex subject when it comes to buying, and so many factors are important to buyers and sellers alike.  A piano will not reach its potential in an auction where only a picture and description are offered. The person who buys a piano needs to physically see the instrument, touch it, inspect it and most importantly… Play the instrument.

This cannot be done through Internet based auction rooms or Internet based sale-rooms.  Potential customers will always bid with   greater confidence against opposition if they have been able to play and inspect the instrument prior to the auction, as they then know precisely what they are bidding for.


“Auctions Provide Win-Win Solutions!”


Another added strength of selling at a specialised auction is that there are many quality pianos to choose from in one place. This results in one trip being made by the potential buyer. That one trip is more appealing than a buyer making many individual journeys to see for example: A Steinway in Birmingham then a Bechstein in London and a Schimmel in Edinburgh.

Such journeys would not only be very time consuming but also the financial implications of the travel costs would be very high. This usually results in potential buyers not wanting to make endless journeys to view pianos, and not being able to justify the time spent and costs of such journeys.

With Britannia Piano Auctions there is only one trip to be made… To the auction room, where a large variety of quality pianos are on display for buyers to inspect and play.


Britannia Piano Auctions does not just list pianos online and in the auction catalogue hoping that people may see the listing and act upon it, we actively notify people who we know will be interested in the piano lots we have, here in the UK and worldwide. Selling at a Piano auction can only maximise the instruments opportunity.

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