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Your December 7th ‘Christmas’ Auction Catalogue In The Post


Catalogues ready to post this week

We have been posting all the catalogues that were requested since Monday and hopefully by now you will of received yours.  The catalogue has a full colour listing of all the piano lots & adverts from suppliers in the trade and private adverts for services that would interest the piano community.

If you still want to order the catalogue for the December auction then get in touch with.

0161 977 0075

The UK’s Central Piano Auction House

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Learning piano can develop our brains 12% beyond the average

At the last auction in September we seen many young families coming to look at pianos as the children had started lessons and they wanted to buy a piano at a price that was cheaper than the RRP.

One of the families who we spoke with talked about the ‘Mozart effect’ and explained that she was looking forward to the day when their daughter could play the Mozart repertoire.

We read an article this morning that backs up How the brain develops when learning music:

It was found that a bundle of nerve fibers called the corpus callosum, which functions in carrying signals between the two brain hemispheres, is about 12 percent thicker among keyboard players who started training before the age of 7, compared to keyboard players trained later, or to non-musicians.


The corpus callosum is the part of the brain that connects the left and right hemispheres. It needs to be firing on all cylinders if you want to develop the finger and hand coordination required to become a musician.

So learn the piano and become an A* student !


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How Steinway pianos were made in the 1920’s !

We came across this truly brilliant video by Steinway, an early promotional video that was never actually released for It’s intended purpose.

In the 1920’s Steinway was producing pianos at a rate of knots that could challenge any other quality manufacturer, a period when cost cutting on materials and man power would not of been entertained. This golden age of piano making shows the craftsmanship and hard work that went into producing the finest instruments available.

It’s interesting to think that some of us may of played one of the Steinways produced by the craftsman seen in this 1929 video.

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Fancy an excellent Yamaha piano for Christmas at a very good price?

**We just want to keep you updated via the blog about the auction insights we run elsewhere !**

In the Christmas auction on December 7th we have a whole range of grand pianos and upright’s that have estimates assigned to them to make even the most shrewd buyer flock to the auction room.

Here is an auction insight for December:

 Yamaha Su.118 Upright Piano

This Yamaha is in a bright mahogany polyester casing and is a fantastic example of the SU.118 model… that’s why we picked it.


Est. £2,500 – £3,500

A full comprehensive catalogue will be available on the day at the auction room.

Any further questions ?

0161 977 0075

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